Sometimes you just get really lucky with a shot. I have posted some of my luckies shots here, some because of the composition, the light and the detail.  The main reason I have posted these is to show that it's worth going for it, especially in this digital world. I am writing this the day that Steve Jobs died and I believe he said something once about  'stay hungry; stay foolish'.  No problem, Steve. 

Jan 2010 Tynemouth foaming. (The Salsa Collection) I focused the camera while standing up and then held it to the sand and hoped for the best.  

2008 Church Cork, Ireland. This shot was set up very carefully and I injured myself getting in to position. This was taken with my old film Minolta and I think I was pretty lucky to get the light and the detail on the wood.  

2009 Cars.  I took this photo on the way home on the Coast Road (I wasn't driving!) (Nothing to do but shoot collection). 

 2011 Depression. This was taken at the lovely Garden Station (near Hexham; go there if you get a chance). I held the camera under the flowers and took the shot.