r2 started to write at the age of 11, her first public reading was in 5th class at school.   Roweena read her poem, 'A storm in a stable', about the birth of a foal during a storm. She didn't spend much time with horses on her particular council estate, so where the inspiration for that one came from is anyone's guess.  The poem was written as a last ditch attempt to have something to perform as required at the Christmas concert at the school.  It was well received by the class in general but the teacher launched into a lecture on honesty, accusing Roweena of ripping the poem off and trying to pass it off as her own work.  The teacher was put right several years later; there are no hard feelings. 

Since the storm over the 'A storm in the stable' Roweena has continued to write and now has a considerable collection of poems.  She uses her skills as a facilitator, photographer and writer  to produce books, develop projects and engage communities in a more creative way. Please contact Roweena to find out more here contact-r2.php
All images and poetry  ¬©Roweena Russell  do not copy or reproduce without permission. 

One weekend at Nab...
By Roweena Russell r2