Roweena on Mondays 

Roweena joined Pride Radio North East in April 2012. Every Tuesday night from 7-9pm Roweena plays tracks that are reliably easy listening and enjoys playing music by local bands. If you know of a band that should be played on air please contact-r2.php  Listen live on line 

The hiwecanhelp show last Thursday of the Month

Due to the success of the hiwecanhelp show Roweena be co-hosting the hiwecanhelp health show on Pride Radio on the last Thursday of the month. Jambo will be working with Roweena to provide harm reduction advice on a range of health topics such as safer sex, alcohol and drug use, mental health and using food to help the body recover. 

Listeners can ask questions on the Pride Radio Facebook page while we are on air. If you want to ask a question in private please send a private message via the hiwecanhelp Facebook page Your identity will not be seen by anyone but Roweena. Find out more about Jambo Get a flavour of the show content here 

Listen on your mobile!

Go to the Applications store on your mobile, download the Pride Radio app for iPhones and Android. 

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