Are you on the look out for photos for  your restaurant or bar? 


When I first became self employed I wanted to find a really interesting, comfortable and friendly place to have my meetings.  I happened on the Salsa Club in Newcastle.  I loved this place and the offer of free fast wifi was a sweetener. 

When I finally asked if they would like to hang some of my photos it turns out they were ready for a change. 

The Salsa Club is showing eight 20x30 pictures printed on canvas and framed in perspex. All of the Salsa Collection is now for sale direct from Roweena. 

I have enjoyed meeting people at the Salsa Club for over a year and would like to thank everyone there for the friendly and sound approach to helping people meet and eat.  Check out the Salsa Club here                                                                                                              

Vintage Sunset (2010 Salsa Club Collection)  

                                                                             Life by rail (Dublin 2010 Salsa Club Collection)  

The Salsa Club 

89 Westgate road 

Newcastle Upon Tyne 

NE1 4AE 

0191 221 1022