I don’t have my camera 

Im glad my eyes can’t snap this away

My heat has to take this in 

Before the shutter goes and the image  astray. 

Im am  still  for a minute 

No machine to remember the beauty, 

I have to stand and drink it in as a study 

Of every thing I understand as if it were a duty. 

There is something about the stars as they hang

Waiting for you to see, the lights rise like smiles on your face 

Lifting my head to the sky setting her free

A galaxy opens up in front of you in this place.  

The lights go off the real lights come on

Like a hidden land behind the door found by chance, 

More real more beautiful than anything can make you feel

Turn off the lights my friend, look at the stars and dance. 

4/4/13 Scotland

The above image has nothing to do with the stars... remember I did NOT have my camera!