“What I think 

Steve Paske would say” 

How uplifting to dance with you

In this sea of colour we have made, 

The foot fall of proud people together 

The world changed by rainbows in a parade. 

Walk with me now my friends my love

Reflect your pride as I did mine, 

March with your friends and lovers

As I beamed with my pride in 2009. 


You are the rainbows that read my story 

Nurtured my being when life left pride thin, 

Moved mountains and my black and white stillness

In activism and friendship we colour this world in. 

Dance through life on a rainbow now for 

Everything even a rainbow ends, 

I got the rainbows gold with you all 

I got to shine, my love, my friends.  


15th December 2011 

For John Paske and all Steve’s friends. 

I wrote this poem because I saw the pain and loss in the friends of Steve Paske. I had the good fortune to know him for only a shot while, but it was an informative experience.  I wanted to write something from Steve’s point of view because he always liked to have the last word, and sure why not?