In the eyes of the English 


I sat today,  green on the public transport I once feared 

Which now gets me from A to B and introduced me to a C. 

I wonder who I am in the eye of the English and who they are to me?

Strangers once, but now we dance together in the waves of some uncertainty. 

And under a street lit sky I know there are fakes 

I know as I wake in the morning there are lies 

I know as I sleep under the sometimes starry skies 

There are things about this place I both love and equally despise.  

But in the eyes of the English I sat today and wondered what am I to you? 

A terrorist? An Interest? Some one white going slightly blue?

I wondered for a moment how I sounded in those ears?

And if I was trickling down your face when you freed those tears.

But, there is something in the eyes of the English that makes me breath more free. 

For there was something in the eyes of the English that helped discover me. 

Recorded 20th June early hours of the morning (minor edits from original recording)