Dedicated to my dear friend  Soran Reader; Reader of Philosophy at Durham University. Soran, an inspiration, woman, mother, law graduate and best dinner guest you could hope for... ever. We welcomed a few new years together and made promises, some of which we decided to keep.

Roweena Russell 

Soran  1/9/12 

 The Philosopher Sleeps 

We intended silence only once 

From lips that drip with truth, 

Silence come only in death 

Torn the first breath of youth. 

Her mouth gave life to philosophy 

Moved often and rocked me, 

There were many blind  moments

But more when I could really see. 

The doors opened 

Her voice tempering the change, 

Nothing too cumbersome to understand 

No task too impossible to arrange. 

The philosopher loved talking 

The philosopher is now sleeping, 

I was touched by every word 

I’m ill prepared for the loss for the weeping. 

She stuck me with her awesome smile 

She said enough in just one word, 

To make more sense to me 

Than the many talking taking... the absurd. 

She warned of stupid men 

She set her sails  to be free, 

She warned of actions that court harm 

Expressed the pain of folly folly. 

When I think of you I laugh 

For all the smiles you made on my face, 

I curled up with laugher 

Every time you visited our place. 

Let the philosopher sleep 

It won't end the memories that I keep, 

Soran may your energy in life be as beautiful 

As the energy you use to sleep.