Unwilling Warriors 

Tormented tortured by a decision she never made 

Blamed and shamed for her life blood on his hands, 

Lost in a battle never there to be won 

theatre of war not even the engaged understands. 

No public monument to reflect by 

The service is present in its absent silencing shame, 

No weeping red poppy, no Queen at at mass 

No memorial day, no heroes, nothing, not even a name. 

No memorial day to recall the sacrifice 

The monument is shame, by it we weep, 

No pubic services no ownership 

Nothing we own, nothing to keep. 

Invisible unwilling warriors 

Heading out in to an unwelcome war, 

Women saving women losing women 

Women two murders a week and what for? 

Male violence is our civilian battle 

Still good fathers, still good men! 

They murder the silent, murder the women 

Not bad now, if not now, when? 

A society filled with invisible loss and pain 

Unwilling warriors go to war, silent against their will, 

Those men will still be good men 

We will remain counting dead women still. 

Women don't' die once, they die twice. 

@r2ph 17th January 2014 

Dedicated to Lisa and all the women who we have lost & the woman who counts them.