"Where poets dare to play" 

Where poets dare to play is a weekend captured, processed and presented for you to enjoy.  

This book was inspired by a trip to Nab Cottage, Rydale in March 2011. I returned home to Whitley Bay with camera full of photos and my head full of poems.  It has been a long while since I enjoyed the experience of being so full of poems that simply had to go on paper. This book is made up of these poems and my photos of Nab Cottage and the surrounding areas. I hope to return before too long to be inspired once again.  

“Write fast”, whispered the house

“Tell those stories for in the sun they burn, 

Empty your soul onto paper

Feel the hunger, then return.” 

Thanks to Ruth, Jacqueline and the good people at Nab Cottage.   

Life leaves her marks on us all


Nab Cottage was originally built in 1556 though little was recorded of the simple farmstead until over 100 years later when, in 1662, Margaret Parke was left widowed there with three baby sons. She was forced to borrow money to pay for her husband’s funeral and spent much of the rest of her life spinning thread to pay back her debts. One of her sons, John, vowed to make a success of the farm. In1676 the family had one cow on the common though by 1699 this had grown to a flock of 60. By 1702 John was well enough off to rebuild the house. He commemorated this with the inscription over the porch - I A P 1702.