Words are wasted 

Words are wasted when they are used as ammunition  

Missiles in the brain reminding me what went wrong,  

The notes in my head scratch my ears 

With each chorus each verse and wound me with every old song.  

I repeat it in my head just in case for a moment 

Every word said was not pounding me,

Forgetting at times that feelings go dormant

Say it once its costly, but utter a hundred times more for free. 

I repeat them my words,  again and again

Just in case for a moment the feelings would mould, 

I let the thoughts whirl around and suddenly grow 

The stuff is not new its terribly old. 

I know I know I  know. 

The strategies are dry and boring 

As sorry as my ass on my worst day on grass 

Like Wimbledon rain throughout out the touring. 

But then there are days I remember 

With a smile every now and again, 

So there I sit cold as December 

Wondering if it will come back and when? 

So until the moment the smile lasts a little longer 

I will  remember one or two things a day, 

And hope and hope and hope I will get stronger

And the repeating will go astray. 

4/7/12  Recorded to iPhone (edited)