Writing is a wonderful experience, but unfortunately, much like public speaking, we are too often afraid that what we say won't be meaningful enough.  Everything we say has meaning...if we mean it. 


r2 began delivering poetry writing sessions when she worked in Dublin AIDS Alliance.  Working with a well-established group of six people living with HIV and Hepatitis C was an amazing experience.  The group wrote 'Another Skin' which represented their feelings about being HIV and Hep C-positive, drug use and addiction.  The poem was part of a World AIDS Day production.  It was performed by the full group to a packed room on December 1st 2004.  The group took part in a photo shot and created body casts of their arms and faces which were particularly powerful.  

r2 continues to deliver writing and photography sessions for community groups.  Advancements in online publishing means that groups can produce a professional book to showcase their work and share with family and friends. If you would like to commission a workshop please contact r2 here contact-r2.php